Community Food Drive Location TBD
May 13, 2023 10AM-2PM

  • Come to our Urban Farm with a can of food (or two) to donate Location TBD

  • For your donation we give you a plant: Heirloom tomato and pepper plants ready for your garden

  • Stick around and see your favorite local businesses sponsoring the event, helping to match your generous donations.

Last year more than $3,000 was raised.

This year our goal is $5,000!

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Plants for Cans Poster

Be a local sponsor

Feed those in need while growing your business

Hurry! The sponsorship deadline is April 30th, 2024.

Plants For Cans is a community driven food drive. Heirloom, ready-to-plant garden crops are exchanged for canned goods to be donated to local food pantries.

Why Plants for Cans?

Spring plant sales are huge. Some gardeners will spend hundreds of dollars on organic, varietes of all kinds. Plants for Cans takes this seasonal need and turns it into a community event, benefiIng local businesses and growers while feeding those in need. Donations can be written off after the event.

Dahlias blooming on the farm

Why Sponsor?

Sponsors get exposure on a local level. Business names are added to all advertising for the event. Pictures and suggested posts are created and given to sponsors for their own social media use. All sponsors are encouraged to tag each other on every post for maximum exposure. During the event sponsors are free to advertise and participate in any way they would like.

Shop Local - Libertyville, IL

Sponsorship Tiers

Pick a Sponsorship Tier that best suits you

There are different levels of sponsorship, so you can decide what works best for your business, while still contributing to the event. All monetary donations will be used for operational costs. Excess money will be used for more cans.

Tier 1

$ 100
  • Your business mentioned on all materials promoting the event.

  • We give you Photos & Graphics for your social media posts

  • You can pass out promo items during the event.

Most popular

Tier 2

$ 250
  • Your business mentioned on all materials promoting the event.

  • We give you Photos & Graphics for your social media posts

  • You can pass out promo items during the event.

  • Plus...

  • Your business name featured on a Plants For Cans t-shirt passed out to all attendees

Tier 3

$ 500
  • All of Tier 2 plus...

  • You can setup a booth during the event. A great way to show your presence in the community, network, and help out with a charitable event.

Frequently asked questions

Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Reach out to our organizers.

What do you need from us if we want to sponsor the event?
Depending on what tier you are sponsoring at, we will at the very least need your business name. You will also need to fill out this form.
How is the money I donate spent?
We keep careful track of our expenses. The monetary donations go to Advertising the event, Event Supplies, Plant Supplies, T-Shirts, and of course Canned Goods & Non-Perishable Food Items for the Food Pantry. Here is a summary budget:
Category Budget Actual
Event Supplies
Plant Supplies
Canned Goods
Non-Perishable Food

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Achaia Greens LLC, Event Organizer
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Organizer Assistant